Core Courses of GED

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Core Courses of GED

GED Core(7 Courses / 21 credits)

The GED core courses remain fixed over extended periods of time and are offered in a fairly fixed sequence, so students following their departmental syllabi can know which GED core to take when without reference to any other directions.

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG 101 Basic English Learning Skills 3
ENG 102 Fundamentals of English – I 3
ENG 103 Fundamentals of English – II 3
CSC 101 Introduction to Computer Studies 3
GED 103 History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh 3
GED 101 Bangla Bhasha 3
GED 201 World Civilizations 3

Note: Placement in English courses will be based on diagnostic tests. Anyone placing out of courses may take an Elective and/or Optional course in lieu of the Core.

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