Natural Sciences

III.             Natural Sciences

Course Code

Course Title

NSC 2181

Evolutionary Theory and Human Behavior

NSC 2182

Food and Nutrition

NSC 2183

Introduction to Psychology

NSC 2184

Renewable Energy

NSC 2185

Sustainable Agriculture

NSC 2248

Industrial Management (for the students of the Engineering School)

NSC 2281

Archaeological Sciences

NSC 2282

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation

NSC 2283

Environmental Science

NSC 2284

History and Methods of Science

NSC 2285

Human Biology: Anatomy and Physiology

NSC 3181

Archaeological Geophysics

NSC 3182

Introduction to Science Studies

NSC 3183

Philosophy of Science

NSC 3184

Science of Climate Change

NSC 3185

Technology and Development

NSC 3281

Remote Sensing in Archaeology

NSC 3282

Public Health and Epidemiology

NSC 3283

Introduction to Mind and Behaviour

NSC 4181


NSC 4182