General Education Program (GED)

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The heart and foundation of a Liberal Arts education

“The General Education (GED) Program forms the very foundation of the Liberal Arts curriculum at the University. It gives students better exposure to the areas of knowledge other than their major. For example, a student studying Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (ETE) should take courses like Bangladesh Studies, Bangla Bhasa, World Civilizations, etc as core GED courses. They can also take courses like Best-seller Fiction, International Law, Introduction to Psychology, etc as elective/optional GED courses, which help expand their horizon of knowledge and skills.”

Prof. Shahnaj Husne Jahan Professor & Head, General Education Program

Both GED core and elective courses are built into every undergraduate degree program, and clearly indicated on their respective syllabi. Students following any given degree program will be automatically directed towards the required GED core and/or elective, and optional/Minor, that they must take or choose from.

The GED elective, and Optional/Minor courses, may vary quite a bit from term to term, so the students should consult the listings for each term to know what they must take or may choose from.

GED has two main objectives:

  1. To provide students a number of basic subjects by way of building the intellectual foundations and skills absolutely necessary for both any university level education, and especially for a Liberal Arts perspective.
  2. To offer students’ exposure to courses not offered by their respective departments, but courses that are vital both to a deepening and broadening their Liberal Arts perspective.

Department of General Education Program (GED) Faculty

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.